Session 1 : Pension Systems and Financial Markets, salle A709, 19/05/2011, 16h00 - 18h00

      Chair : Patrice Geoffron, Paris – Dauphine University.


      Funding of pensions and economic growth, are they really related?

      Eelco ZANDBERG (University of Groningen), Laura SPIERDIJK (University of Groningen):

      Discussant: Jean PINQUET (Polytechnique).


      "Default options: are life cycle funds the solutions?".

      Mabrouk CHETOUANE (Banque de France).

      Discussant: Peter Van SANTEN (University of Groningen).


      Dynamics of health insurance ownership in Vietnam

      Trong-Ha NGUYEN (Australian National University).

      Discussant: Bernard CASEY (Warwick University).


      Commitment and lapse behavior in long-term insurance: a case study”.

      Jean PINQUET (Polytechnique):

      Discussant: Bernard CASEY (Warwick University).


      Session 2 : Financial literacy and Financial Choices, A709, 20/05/2011, 10h00 - 12h00

      Chair : Edward Whitehouse, OCDE.


      Financial Literacy and retirement planning in view of a growing youth demographic : the russian case”.

      Georgios PANOS (University of Essex) & Leora KLAPPER (World Bank).

      Discussant: Luc ARRONDEL (PSE).


      Financial Literacy and pension plan participation in Italy”.

      Chiara MONTICONE (University of Turin).

      Discussant: Luc ARRONDEL (PSE).


      The role of financial literacy and pensions knowledge on the investment of retirement savings”.

      Carolina FELIX (Emory University).

      Discussant: Jean-Christophe VERGNAUD (Paris 1 University).


      Can the longevity risk alleviate the annuitization puzzle ? Empirical Evidence from Dutch Data”.

      Federica TEPPA (Netherlands Central Bank).

      Discussant: Jean-Christophe VERGNAUD (Paris 1 University).


      Session 3 : Pension design and Saving, A707, 20/05/2011, 10h00 - 12h00

      Chair : Fabian Kindermann (University of Wurzburg).


      Lifecycle Savings when pension are at risk: theory and microeconometric evidence”.

      Peter Van SANTEN (University of Groningen).

      Discussant: Eelco ZANDBERG (University of Groningen).


      A positive Approach towards social security policy : the role of myopic agents”.

      Xue WEN (Unicatt Italia).

      Discussant: Fabian KINDERMAN (Würzburg University).


      Evaluating the impact on saving of tax-favored retirement saving plans”.

      Andrea TISENO (Banca d’Italia).

      Discussant: Henri STERDYNIAK (OFCE).


      Supplementary private pensions and saving: evidence from Spain”.

      Jose ANTON (Salamanca University).

      Discutant : Andrea TISENO (Banca d’Italia).


      Session 4 : Pension Designs and Reforms, A709, 20/05/2011, 13h00 – 14h30

      Chair : Didier Blanchet (INSEE).


      French retirement reform and inter-generational equity of the retirement ”.

      Bruno DUCOUDRE (Ministry of Health).

      Discussant: Lucy ROBERTS (Paris Ouest University).


      Inequality and tax policy for retiree”.

      Bérangère LEGENDRE (Orléans and Paris Dauphine University). 

      Discussant: Cindy DUC (Ministry of Health)


      Pension Design, Labor Supply distortions and human capital investment”.

      Fabian KINDERMAN (Würzburg University):

      Discussant: Patrick AUBERT (Ministry of Health).


      Session 5 : Pension Systems and Saving, A709, 20/05/2011, 14h45 – 16h15

      Chair : Gordon Clark, Oxford University.


      "Wealth evolution over life cycle : an age - period - cohort decomposition".

      Carole BONNET (INED).

      Discussant: Kevin TRACOL(PSE).


      Wealth effects on consumption plans: French households in the crisis”.

      Kevin TRACOL (PSE).

      Discussant: Henri Sterdyniak (OFCE).


      Choosing between subsidized or unsubsidized private pension schemes: a random parameters bivariate probit analysis”.

      Christian PFARR & Udo SCHNEIDER (Bayreuth University).


      Session 6 : Pension Funds and Investments, A707, 20/05/2011, 14h45 – 16h15

      Chair :  Lary Beeferman, Harvard University.


      Post-retirement benefits, leverage, and real investment”.

      Sohnke BARTRAM (Lancaster University and SSGA).

      Discussant :Ajanta KUMARA (National Graduate Institute - Tokyo).


      Would emerging market pension funds benefit from international diversification? An application of

      the bootstrap approach”.

      Ajanta KUMARA (National Graduate Institute - Tokyo).

      Discussant: Sohne BARTRAM (Landcaster University and SSGA)


      Safe withdrawal rates savings for residents in emerging market countries”.

      Channarith MENG (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies).

      Discussant: Bérangère Legendre (University Paris Dauphine).


      GDRI-Dreem Session : Pension and Informal Insurance, A709, 20/05/2011, 16h30-18h00

      Chair : Mouhoub El Mouhoud, Paris Dauphine University.


      Optimal enrollment in a pension system and informal family arrangements”.

      Javier OLIVERA (Leuven University).

      Discussant: Baptiste VENET (Paris Dauphine University).


      Assessing perspectives towards the possible effects of a superannuation system: the Mauritian context”.

      Namratta BECCEEA (University of Mauritus).

      Discussant: Lucy ROBERTS (Paris Ouest University).


      Should we retire earlier to look after our parents ? The role of immigrants

      Agnese ROMITI (Roma University).

      Discussant: Javier OLIVERA (Leuven University).





      Philippe Bernard, Université Paris-Dauphine

      Didier Blanchet, INSEE

      Gordon Clark, Oxford University

      Najat El Mekkaoui de Freitas, Université Paris-Dauphine

      Elyes Jouini, Université Paris-Dauphine

      El Mouhoub Mouhoud, Université Paris-Dauphine