The chair GROUPAMA- ENSAE “Les Particuliers Face au Risque” (Individuals Vis-a-vis the Risks) aims to develop teaching and theoretical as well as applied research to risk and individual behaviors.


      Modeling and analysis of the individual behavior are in the middle of important and concrete questions in insurance and finance. These behaviors mainly determine the demand for insurance as well as the rules of division of risks between economic agents. This is why private individuals finance is booming.


      These behaviors also condition  households’ debt and saving, which are the motors of our economies. The installation of the refillable mortgages shows well that these questions are in the center of decision makers’ concerns. Moreover, the impact of these funds over consumption, real strategies and more looselly on the households’ investments is likely to be quite important because of the outcomes effect.






      This project is a transverse project implying the teams of the CREST-ENSAE and Dauphine within the framework of a multi-field approach as well on the level of the techniques as on the side of the fields of expertise (financial economy, behavioral finance, experimental finance, decision theory… which should keep enriching thanks to contributions coming from psychology, sociology, marketing…). The questions raised belongs to finance, insurance, environmental issues, decision, etc.

      The three main objectives are:

      1.  the development of a reflexion and research pole around a team,

      2.  the creation of specific and advance teaching related to the themes of the chair,

      3. the installation of a place of exchange and expertise between the university, the partners of the chair and other actors of the sector



      Head of the chair

      Elyès JOUINI, professeur à l'Université Paris-Dauphine